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Have you ever wished you invested in “THE NEXT BIG THING”? Now is your chance! We already work for you. Now, we would love to work with you. Here’s the chance to benefit from a brand that you and several thousand other pet parents already believe in and use. Before you had to be a Bank or VC to invest and see huge returns but not anymore. With Crowdfunding, the everyday pet parent, pet lover or investor can benefit from investing a small amount or a lot. Now we are sharing the power with you to grow as we grow and reap the benefits of being a shareholder. We are offering you the opportunity to be one of the first to invest in “THE NEXT BIG THING”, BioTech Pet!

BioTech Pet’s AI & DNA Advantage

Breed Testing:

  • Advanced AI algorithms provide precise breed identification, even for mixed-breed pets

  • Enhanced accuracy through machine learning algorithms continuously improving breed identification results.

  • Comprehensive breed analysis report providing detailed insights into your pet’s genetic heritage.

  • Unlock the mystery of your pet’s ancestry and discover its unique breed composition.

Wellness Testing:

  • Cutting-edge AI technology analyzes your pet’s DNA to assess its genetic predispositions to health conditions.

  • Personalized wellness recommendations based on your pet’s genetic profile, tailored to its specific needs.

  • Early detection of potential health risks allows for proactive healthcare management and preventive measures.

  • Empower yourself with knowledge about your pet’s health to provide the best possible care and ensure a happy, healthy life.

AI Satellite Imagery for Lost or Stolen Pets:

  • Revolutionary AI satellite imagery technology helps track and locate lost or stolen pets with unprecedented accuracy.

  • Real-time tracking updates provide peace of mind, knowing that your pet’s whereabouts are monitored 24/7.

  • Geo-fencing capabilities alert you when your pet leaves a designated safe zone, allowing for immediate action.

  • Rapid response and recovery efforts facilitated by AI-powered tracking ensure the swift and safe return of your beloved pet.

AI Machine Learning:

  • Constantly evolving AI machine learning algorithms improve the accuracy and efficiency of DNA testing services over time.

  • Dynamic adaptation to new data ensures that our services remain at the forefront of genetic testing technology.

  • Continual optimization of algorithms leads to enhanced results and insights for pet owners.

  • Harnessing the power of AI machine learning to revolutionize pet DNA testing and provide unparalleled value to our customers.


Recurring Revenue

Licensing opportunities have emerged with city governments & the veterinary industry for a noninvasive pet DNA identification as an option for pet registration versus microchipping.

BioTechPet provides 5 add-on user-friendly service features for pet parents with a low cost subscription or membership fee with unlimited accessibility: Lost/Found QR Code GEO Tracking, Pet Concierge Services, TailAVet, Pet Wellness Plan & Pet Passport.

The multifamily industry is in need of a Pet Wellness Center amenity and a pet management software system equipped with a white label pet concierge feature designed to manage pets & pet service providers.


The PETACARE Company has partnered with the Neogen Corporation, a global leader in Food and Animal Safety. Neogen’s is an accredited and certified laboratory providing exclusive DNA identification analysis for the BioTech Pet product making it the 1st and only pet DNA Identification & Registration with these accolades.

The PETACARE Company is currently in negations with national & international pet nonprofit organizations that believe in noninvasive care & identification and they are looking to help subsidize DNA testing cost for pet parents similar to free or reduced cost national microchipping programs.

The PETACARE Company is negotiating a partnership with the Board of Governors to assist with amending pet registration laws nationally and provide a pet DNA noninvasive option for pet parents versus the current mandated microchipping laws that do not provide any options for concerned pet parents about microchips.

The PETACARE Company will become an approved vendor with the multifamily industry to introduce its robust Pet Management System equipped with white label pet concierge services and superior pet management tools to run pet reports, collect pet rents, pet registrations, keep all pets in compliance with pet vaccination reports and pet concierge usage and many more customizable tools.

Retail & Technology

The PETACARE Company is currently entertaining offers withseveral retail companies for placement of its BioTech Pet product with very unique partnership opportunities with Chewy, Petco, PetSmart, Amazon and Walmart.

The PETACARE Company will enhance its current user friendly software to incorporate several new management and service features along with adding a new mobile application.

The PETACARE Company has designed a customizable Pet Wellness Center that can be placed inside small or large multifamily areas on or offsite to service pet parent residents that will connect pet service providers to pet parent’s right at their doorstep.

Social Media Pet Influencer Affiliate Marketing Campaigns Are Being Created To Help Educate & Increase Sales of BioTech Pet On All Social Media Platforms.

We Are Seeking Inventors & Strategic Partners Such As Nonprofit Organizations To Assist Us With Expanding Noninvasive Pet Identification Nationally & Globally.


BioTech Pet is the FIRST certified & accredited Noninvasive At-Home Pet DNA Identification Test available to pet parents that rivals the microchip, developed in partnership with Neogen, an accredited and certified pet DNA laboratory.

BioTech Pet comes with a QR Code Lost & Found GEO Tracking Tag which helps return lost pets home faster by empowering the community versus waiting on the city shelter. Once a BioTech Pet QR Code is scanned 2 things happen: 1. The pet parent will receive a GPS notification and information to contact the person who scanned the tag. 2. The person whom found the pet will receive emergency contact information of the pet parent. Our Lost & Found portal also have a customized flyer maker for lost or found pets that can display rewards and easily sharable on social media.

BioTechPet offers a plethora of add-on services features starting with Pet Concierge Services equipped with customized pet related and pet services providers such as mobile veterinarians, pet approved hotels and restaurants, groomers and more plus you can save them to your favorites.

BioTech Pet offers TailAVet which is telehealth for pets and operates as an innovative 24/7 virtual veterinary video conferencing and messaging service.

BioTech Pet offers a Pet Wellness Plan that helps reduce veterinarian cost by offering preventive healthcare equipped with notifications and reminders of important events, shots, walking times, feeding time, medication and so much more.

BioTech Pet offers Pet Passport which allows pet parents to upload, store and share vital records such as service animal certificates, shot records and medical records in order to stay in compliance with hotel, airlines and government building pet policies.

Buckle up! This journey is about to get really fun.

Any Investment Over $60 Will Receive A Complimentary BioTech Pet Kit

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