City Governments Urged to Consider Noninvasive Pet Identification Options Amidst Growing Concerns.

In response to the increasing demands from pet parents and veterinarians for a noninvasive method of pet identification, The PETACARE Company is proud to introduce BioTech Pet, a groundbreaking solution that addresses the limitations and health concerns associated with traditional microchips. They are urging city governments to consider alternative options when mandating pet identification, taking into account the medical issues and drawbacks associated with microchips.

Microchipping has long been the standard practice for pet identification, but it is not without its challenges. Pet parents and veterinarians have voiced concerns about the potential health risks these electronic implantable devices pose to animals. Additionally, the high cost of microchip readers, which are not always compatible with all microchips, creates further complications in the identification process.

The PETACARE Company’s BioTech Pet offers a noninvasive, cutting-edge solution to pet identification. Their proprietary software ensures the secure digitization of your pet’s DNA, enabling accurate identification in cases of loss, theft, or even unfortunate incidents of finding a deceased pet for insurance claims or burial arrangements. By linking a QR Code GEO Tracking tag to your pet’s collar, the software allows for easy scanning, which instantly notifies the owner and provides emergency contact information if the your pet is lost or found.

One of the significant advantages of BioTech Pet is the drastic reduction in pricing for DNA testing. It is now comparable to the cost of microchip insertion, including a visit to the veterinarian. This affordability factor ensures that pet parents can access a reliable and noninvasive pet identification solution without undue financial burden. The PETACARE Company’s BioTech Pet laboratory is also ISO17025 accredited ensuring one of the highest security and quality assurance labs in the industry.

The PETACARE Company firmly believes that city governments, when mandating pet identification, should offer their citizens a range of options. By considering alternative methods such as DNA testing, city governments can address the concerns raised by pet parents and veterinarians, ensuring the welfare and safety of beloved animal companions while promoting responsible pet ownership.

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The PETACARE Company is a leading innovator in pet identification technology. With a focus on noninvasive solutions, we strive to provide pet parents with reliable and affordable methods to ensure the safety and well-being of their furry friends. Our groundbreaking BioTech Pet system offers secure digitization of pets’ DNA, enabling accurate identification and peace of mind. During the entire month of August in honor of “National Dog Month” use promo code “BioTechPet” and receive $20.00 Off your order.

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