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BioTech Pet ®️

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  • BioTech Pet offers a noninvasive DNA identification test versus microchipping
  • Lost & Found GEO Tracker helps return lost pets home faster

  • Pet Concierge Services offers mobile veterinarians, groomers and more

  • TailAVet is our innovative 24/7 virtual veterinary video conferencing feature

  • Pet Wellness Plan helps reduce veterinarian cost by offering preventive healthcare

  • Pet Passport allows pet parents to upload, store and share vital records


Order Your Pet’s DNA ID Test

We offer a comprehensive noninvasive approach to pet wellness that starts with knowing your pets DNA Identification.

Swab Your Pet’s Cheek

Once you receive your BioTech Pet Kit swab your pet & complete your pet’s registration via the PETACARE biotechnology software.

Ship Swab For Analysis

Our DNA lab will accurately & securely analyze your pets DNA sample & notify you via the PETACARE biotechnology software once your results are ready.

Review Your Pet’s DNA Results

You can review & track your pet’s results, create a pet wellness plan, share your DNA results with a veterinarian using TailAVet

Activate Your QR Code GEO Tracking Tag

In the event your pet is lost or found your QR Code GEO Tracking Tag empowers the community to help reunite pet’s with pet parents.